Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer, and Upcoming Price increases

Summer is nearly officially over, and what started with a bang, then lulled, is starting to pick up again. You know what that means.... Halloween shopping season is here again, and thankfully, my wedding envelopes are finally finished! Production on custom orders has already resumed, with two back-to-back custom orders (Thank you, Christine - I hope your daughter's wedding is wonderful, and that the circlets arrive in time!). Thank you as well, to all of you that have allowed me to lend a little extra something special to your special occasions - and I hope to have photos up here soon from some previous functions featuring jewelry from my shop. (Please keep those photos coming, everyone!).
As the air turns cooler, and as the leaves already start illuminating the New England landscape with their best and brightest colors, I am still drawn to the weather reports from outside of Connecticut. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are in the path of Hurricane Gustav, and it is my hope that all who are affected by severe weather alerts this season can evacuate or find safety swiftly. Currently, I am witholding my annual fall clothing donation, as I await news of where it will be needed the most after Hurricane Gustav is done. Odds are that I will also be doing another line of charity-based jewelry this fall specifically aimed at the purpose of raising funds for such emergencies.
Last of all, it IS the Halloween shopping season, and come the end of this week, prices on some items in my shop will be increasing. If you are planning on purchasing something from my shop, custom or ready-made, you may wish to get orders in before Friday September 5th.
Currenty, there are 3 custom orders in the queue, one almost finished.
At this time, I am taking custom orders until about mid-October, so please keep this in mind too, for your costume accessory needs!
Thank you, and stay tuned for further developments about the shop!