Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowpocalypse, 2011 (aka SnowmyGoodness) SNOW DAY SALE

Yes, that is my car, with my husband's car behind it. Not a snow sculpture....

Snow has been falling since midnight Eastern time here, and is expected to continue to come down heavy until 3pm, at which point it gradually starts tapering off. We may not see it completely stop until 3am *tomorrow*. The plows have not come to our street yet, either.

So since I am obviously NOT going to work today, and many fellow Connecticut friends are similarly putting their feet up (or digging out, or both), I've decided to throw another SNOW DAY SALE at my shop.

15% off everything. All day long today, January 12, 2011, until midnight, Eastern.

Enjoy, and be safe!