Monday, June 2, 2008

Anklets for Awareness

This past winter, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's not the first friend or family member (she's like a sister to me) whom I have known to have breast cancer or fight it off. My late grandmother had it, a former coworker of mine had it, and now, MaryJo has it. I thought of some way to show my support, not just for her, but for all breast cancer patients and survivors.

What I came up with was a variation on one of the belled anklets I had just started crafting in my Etsy shop. I first came across something similar in college, although, not for a particular cause.

Each anklet is beaded with metallic pink fire polished beads, and dipped pink 6mm glass round beads. 4 sections of silver plated bells hang from each anklet, chiming audibly in light tinkling tones, and at center, a single pink ribbon breast cancer awareness metal charm dangles to display the wearer's support and awareness.

These anklets sell for $17.00 each, with $12.00 of each purchase donated to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness. I am only selling them in my Etsy shop or in-person (I hope to have a few for my booth at East Kingdom War Camp in Lehighton, PA this July).

I will be making these for as long as I have supplies, and the time to do so. (At some point I will need to take a break for vacation, and our wedding reception, etc). So if you see a "temporarily sold out" note on the listing for these in my Etsy shop, please be patient - more may be on its way, as long as I have the time to make them.

So far, I have received a number of orders, and am floored at my friends' generosity and support for MaryJo and others.

I really look forward to listing more in the future, so keep an eye out! 3 are being listed today, 6-2-08 - more to follow, possibly next Sunday, 6-8-08.