Monday, October 26, 2009

Shop Update, 10-26-09

Photo by my husband, Greg, on September 13th 2009. Wild turkey "surprise" in Colchester, CT - we had a few visitors hop the fence into our backyard, and then back into our neighbor's yard, shown here, to rejoin the flock. There were at least 2 hens, and another 7 poults (juvenile chicks).

Welcome again! Halloween is almost here, and not long after, so too, come the holidays. Life has become increasingly busy these days, with a break coming up, thankfully, before the holiday shopping officially begins.

Starting November 1st, my production schedule will resume for two weeks, for a limited run of custom orders. A small queue has already started to form, and I am accepting orders in advance of my production date.

What else is going on?

First.... the good news.

As of November 16th, 2009, all orders placed within my Etsy and Artfire shops will
include delivery confirmation to shipments made within the domestic United States. This will prove especially helpful for those orders placed for holiday shopping!

Also... the FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING SALE is coming back!
From November 27th (Black Friday) until December 24th (Christmas Eve), all orders placed to anywhere I ship to will have the shipping fees refunded back to you by PayPal.

Now... the bad news.

November 16th also marks a year since my last price increases.
And sure enough, after reviewing my materials costs, everything has certainly gone up.

To battle the poor economy, I will only be raising prices on certain items, and will still be offering occasional free shipping sales, or bridal sales, going forward. I understand times are hard for all of us, however, as my suppliers raise their fees, so too must I keep up with them, to stay in business for you. All of my discounts offered within my shop policies will still remain in place, however, and there are occasional planned and "whim" sales coming up (free first class shipping for orders over $50.00, and free Priority shipping for orders over $100.00).

Current pricing will remain in effect until the end of the day on Sunday, November 15th.

Planning on getting married this spring, or going to the prom toward the summer? Try getting a custom order in now, before the rush later on in the season, and take advantage of the current prices while they are still here. Come November 16th, the prices go up - and my window of production for custom orders will close, until early February, 2010. So please contact me with an Alchemy request for any custom work you may be interested in, and I'll place you in the queue immediately.

Thank you, and in the meantime, have a wonderful handmade Halloween.
Hope to see a bunch of you back here for November's announcements - no tricks, but there are more treats to come!