Sunday, July 20, 2008

East Kingdom War Camp

What a weekend....

96 degrees and humid out in the hills of Lehighton, Pennsylvania this weekend, and this year's turnout for the event proved to reflect the gas prices as well. With Pennsic approaching in one week for some (others have already left for the event), it would seem a lot of the further-traveled SCAdians opted to skip this event in favor of saving a few pennies for gas for the long trip to Slippery Rock, PA, not much longer from now.

That said, I thought I would share a couple of shots taken of myself not only wearing some of my own pieces, but of other artisans out on Etsy and at-large as well.

This Irish overdress was commissioned by The Wenches' Wardrobe on Etsy (also found on eBay), who did wonderful work on this piece. The circlet is sterling silver, by Todd Alan Studios - sadly he is no longer selling circlets but you can find similar ones under "wedding tiaras" in his shop. This one was a gift for me from my husband, for my Award of Arms, an SCA award denoting my elevation to becoming a "lady of the court", in the summer of 2000. The bracelet, necklace, and hair sticks (hairsticks not shown, unfortunately), are all my creations, and can be found at Archeress Arts on Etsy or under my seller ID of archeress on eBay.

This past weekend also proved to be "extreme conditions" for wear of my jewelry. Rather than sell the jewelry I have now sweated on and had sunblock wear off onto, I will be replacing the pieces I took out of the collection to wear for display, and will replace them with fresh new identical jewelry pieces.
Overall, these pieces worked great with The Wenches Wardrobe's dress, and I look forward to making more pieces that go with this outfit!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where does the time go?!?

June's just flown right out the window, and I am staring at my schedule, looking at a whole bunch of changes and the elusive free weekend.

Due to an unforseen but happy situation, I will not be merchanting at the East Kingdom War Camp in Lehighton, PA on July 19th. Instead, I am going to focus what little spare time I have after that date on building stock for Halloween, in-between wedding reception planning.

Reception planning is coming along well, so far. We have the hall, the handmade Save the Date cards are slowly going out, invitations are on order, and I should have those envelopes here for hand-calligraphing them prior to our vacation.

In case I forgot to mention it, the shop will be CLOSED for the duration of August 2 to August 10. No orders will be processed until the 11th, when normal shipping resumes.

The cutoff date for custom orders before then is fast approaching. I will try to accomodate on a first-come, first-served basis anyone who sees something they want but need it in another color from my shop... However, once 7-7-08 hits, I turn into a pumpkin, and this fairytale of "free time" really has to be put aside for a project due on the 19th.

There will be another cutoff date later on, due to the wedding planning.

D-day is November 8th, 2008 - and that means missing out on one of the CT Etsy Street team's shows. As it is, I have missed a few shows, and feel it may be best to plan for one big "show" in the SCA this winter: Birka. That's not until January.... but that is a realistic goal, provided we don't have any issues with finding a house after the wedding.

The shop is still open during all of this. You're more than welcome to browse around!
But I'm going to have to start turning down custom requests soon, due to this time crunch.