Saturday, July 24, 2010

Midnight Madness and Team Treasury!


There...Now that I have your attention...

By now, several of my friends have hit the phase of what is commonly known as "Pennsic Panic". Last-minute garb to be sewn, camp projects to be completed, and the usual runs to the nearest camping goods store to pick up enough stuff to last for a week of camping with 10,000 friends from across the globe.

This year is the 39th annual Pennsic War, and I'm not going. Which is rather disappointing, but then, after having changed jobs in April, I am saving my pennies for an unpaid vacation in December, and will have the time again in August 2011, for Pennsic 40. So as my friends are enjoying campfires at night, shopping, classes, and martial activities during the day - and more shopping and socializing at night, I'll be hosting a SALE at my shop, for those interested in stopping by to browse some shiny stuff.

While I can't afford to merchant at Pennsic at this time (and would prefer to be participating as well), I am more than happy to host a sale during War Week (August 7 through August 14, 2010) ~ with extra discounts happening at about 7pm EST, August 11th, 2010, until Midnight that evening. During those 5 hours, you'll find a few items in my shop marked down by 15%!
(Sorry, preferred customer discount does not apply during the Midnight Madness part of the sale - but you'll still find some REALLY good prices on select pieces).

So, if your purse strings and wallets are tight, and you're looking for a little swag while everyone's off packing the stalls at Pennsic, please drop in at Mystic Mail, or your nearest laptop or computer, and visit my online shop during that week for a very special sale.

And now, a little team boost....

Here's a team treasury for the SCAEtsy team, featuring some of our work, as well as some work of our fellow Etsians. This treasury takes us all back to renaissance Italy - and the intrigue, splendor, and luxuriousness of the famed di Medici family.

Please go ahead and click on the photo to be transported to our treasury, and click on listings and comment to help keep this particular treasury popular. Thanks!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Earring Sale, and Great Northeastern War

"Marguerite" earrings, by Beth Regnier at Archeress Arts

Summer is upon us, in all it's blazing hot glory. This weekend, to kick start the month of July, I've reduced the prices of the recent cache of earrings created in advance of the summer selling season for shop stock at the Colchester Tag Sale on the Green, and Great Northeastern War. The earring sale ends tonight, July 5, 2010, but may be picked up again at a later date.

Likewise, I've been busy behind the scenes with a few new things, which will be for sale exclusively first at Great Northeastern War (GNE War) next Saturday, in Hebron, Maine. I'll be there in my canvas tent, rain or shine (hopefully more shine than rain!). If you're looking for an SCA award badge, SCA officer's badge, or just your heraldry, as a piece of painted jewelry, please stop by my shop and take a look at what's on the table.

Last but certainly not least, I will soon returning to full production of my regular line of choker designs, one of my hallmarks since 2004. My shop is always stocked with these and currently has more than a few of them up right now - and has been a source of inspiration for other sellers and imitators since I began working in this style many years ago.

Each piece I create is a work of art, uniquely by my own two hands, right down to the smallest detail. Whenever possible, I use glass, not cheap acrylic/plastic, and charge appropriate pricing for my labor, materials, and shipping. I will stand by the quality of my work, and while these pieces are meant for gentle wearings, if my customers need any additional care on their purchases, I am more than happy to assist to the best of my abilities.