Monday, August 10, 2009

Twilight Inspired New Moon Hair Sticks!

Welcome back! Vacation's over, we had a blast out in PA. It was a bit of fun, a lot of volunteering work, and my husband and I both have plenty of new memories, a few new friends, and met with several old friends while out west. We decided to pack up the canvas tent a little early due to a predicted rainstorm approaching overnight Friday into Saturday, and arrived home on Saturday afternoon - plenty of time to finish a project I'd started before the trip to Pennsic.

These hair sticks are *only* available in my Artfire shop. I really think they hit the "ferret button" aka "ooh shiny" factor, just right. Each is decorated with multiple AB and clear austrian crystal bicone beads on strands of silverplate chains, and is topped with a set of unevenly spaced rhinestones (this set is the prototype and is being sold as-is, adhesive visible and all). Adding to that celestial feel are a pair of crystal crescent moon charms, and honestly, if I had a broken piece of red ribbon to affix, I certainly would do so to accentuate which cover design I was after on this one.

I figure these would be great to wear to the opening of New Moon, scheduled to release on 11-20-09 in theaters in the U.S. In the meantime, if these are popular enough, I may consider making more....

This pair is $40.00, and as mentioned, is being sold as-is in my artfire shop above.