Sunday, April 12, 2015

Current commissions queue for Archeress Arts

Custom made leather fox head pins for Don Donovan Shinnock's cadets, April 10, 2015
This was my first attempt at hardened and shaped leather work.

1 pair of Maunche earrings (in stock, awaiting payment)

1 pair of Omnibus "O" earrings.

1 "Violet" design in silvertone with amethyst colored glass

Jeff Combs:
Replacement Herald Pin  - Due by August 2015

Isabel Fleuritan:
1 "Jacqueline" design in silvertone, with cobat blue stones (delivery at Aethelmearc War Practice in mid-May 2015 or sooner)

Janice H.: 
1 "Jacqueline" design, metal color TBA, side stones alternate either as yellow or pearl, center stone opposite (pearl or yellow). Due in April, 2015

Baron Wulstan
1 "Jacqueline" design, silver and amethyst purple. Due in April, 2015

Custom pin, due by mid-May 2015