Monday, January 12, 2009

Gearing Up for Birka, and More!

Here we go again!

It was a great holiday season for us, and thank you so much to everyone who stopped in at my shop to take advantage of the CT Etsy Team Holiday Sale. Free shipping via First Class and $2.00 off Priority certainly helped to move things along smoothly, and the shop has finally started seeing a steady customer base. It's wonderful to meet so many new people, old friends, and buddies who share similar interests - and I'm more than happy to keep creating new items for eye-candy!

So... It's a New Year, and already, I am working on my first appearance at a con-sized event called Birka, run by the Society for Creative Anachronism. On January 30, 31, and 1, we will be attending this event at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH - the shop will be open at the hotel on Saturday the 31st *only*. As such, I will be temporarily closing my Etsy shop, from 1/29/09 to the evening of 2/1/09.

What sort of event is it?
Glad you asked!
Event details are here:
Attendees wear pre-16th Century costume, which rules out the golden age of pirates, but still leaves plenty of other time periods and cultures open, across Europe, Asia, and North Africa, through time. From Roman, to Celt, to Medieval England, France, Germany, and so on... We aren't quite re-enactment, but we try, or just plain have fun. Don't have a costume? Show up, and see the friendly faces at information point about loaner garb!

And if the event is too far... Not to worry.

A sale is coming, in February....

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