Friday, September 4, 2009

Sale! Celebrating 3 Years on Etsy!

The above circlet was created as a custom order for one of my recent bridal orders (best wishes, Michelle!). I'm considering creating a special Halloween one and may offer these as a new line in my shop, if there's enough demand!

Because I felt like it, and because it's Labor Day weekend, and, I've been on Etsy for 3 years as of Sunday, September 6th....

Everything in my shops, BOTH Etsy and Artfire, is offered with free first class shipping to wherever I ship to (US, Europe, Canada). This sale begins today, 9-4-09, and ends at 11:00pm EST on Tuesday, 9-8-09.

So that should give everyone plenty of time to go enjoy the last of the summer here in the U.S., and then come back to shop for Halloween, masquerade parties, Fall weddings, and plenty of other fun occasions to wear pretty shiny things at.

Shipping will be refunded by PayPal. As usual, to all my International customers, I only accept PayPal; US customers may pay via PayPal, credit card (via ProPay), personal check, and money order.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. :)


Kathryn Lantz said...

Hey! It's Kat from
We became eachothers fans on FB, so i figured i'd follow your blog too! Love your work!

Archeress said...

Hey Kat!

Thank you so much, and thanks for following me! :D I don't post often, but I try to update everyone at least once a month. A new post is in the works, coming along before the end of the week. :)