Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colchester Tag Sale on the Green!

Less than 12 hours before the opening of the annual Colchester Tag Sale on the Green - and this will be my first year participating in it as a vendor. I've got a bit of a case of nerves, mostly because I've seen just how *packed* this event gets... and at the same time, I'm pretty excited. The weather forecast has been shifting back and forth between varying types of rain, but I don't much care - the event is HUGE, bigger than the SCA events I've merchanted at.

This whole week has seen me making whatever new jewelry I can, especially tons of new earrings and as many hair sticks as I can make. I have a new tablecloth banner now, thanks to the miracle workings of Suzee at Golden Crossings Embroidery, here in Colchester. I am just floored at the quality of her work, and will be going back to her shop for future embroidery needs, as well as recommending her shop to friends. I am so glad I chose her shop for the banner!

Setup starts at 6:30am, and all vehicles need to be cleared off the green by 8:30am. Since we live a mile from the town green, the only possible issues I forsee with getting to my little plot is possibly in waiting in line at my entry gate, Gate B.

IF YOU PLAN ON COMING.... Parking for visitors will be at the middle school, with shuttle buses running every 15 minutes to and from the green. Vehicles parked for the show at Noel's Supermarket, Colchester Federated Church, Colchester Shopping Plaza, United Auto, or either side of Hayward Ave, Norwich Ave, and Main Street will be patrolled by the police for parking tickets. Seriously, park over at the middle school.

From everything I've been told, this show is one of the oldest running ones in Connecticut. Rain may impact the crowds some (about 1/3 less people from what I've been told), but it doesn't stop attendees from coming in. Plus the local businesses join in on the fun, usually with sidewalk sales lining Main Street near the green. Overall, this is one of the biggest attended events in Colchester, and I really hope everything goes well. Even if the weather is going to be stubborn!

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