Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And I'm back!

"Violet" design choker, sold earlier this month and bringing out the green that is supposedly somewhere buried under all this white cold stuff outside....

It's been a long four years since I've crafted anything for the shop, but having set my work aside in the Society for Creative Anachronism's equivalent to a Project Management position for roughly 113-120 volunteer artists, and passed the position along successfully to the next volunteer team, I am once again ready to go make pretty shiny things, for the pure joy it brings to make something under less time constraints.

That doesn't mean my time is 100% free, but it does mean that the combination of cabin fever and "Signet-itis" have left me with bursts of creative energy and a sheer will to get away from my computer desk for the purpose of crafting, whenever possible. Currently, my next available window for making more jewelry begins in April, around Easter weekend.

Following is the current queue. If you don't see your name on this list, but would like to be there to be considered for a commission, please leave a comment or ping me on my Facebook Fan page at

Wendy and Meggie:
2 leather student pins - Due by April 11, 2015

Alyssa M:
1 Grainne choker, Due by mid-April 2015

1 pair of Maunche earrings (in stock, awaiting payment)

1 pair of Omnibus "O" earrings. Or a pin.

1 "Violet" design in silvertone with amethyst colored glass (parts on order)

Jeff Combs:
Replacement Herald Pin  - Due by August 2015

Isabel Fleuritan
1 "Jacqueline" design in silvertone, with cobat blue stones (delivery at Aethelmearc War Practice in mid-May 2015 or sooner)

Janice H.: 
1 "Jacqueline" design, metal color TBA, side stones alternate either as yellow or pearl, center stone opposite (pearl or yellow). Due in April, 2015

Baron Wulstan:  
1 "Jacqueline" design, silver and amethyst purple. Due in April, 2015

Custom pin, due by mid-May 2015

 Alyssa M.
1 "Graine" choker in goldplate and black. Awaiting minimum neck circumference.

Additional requests: 1 Black/silvertone "Grainne" choker and one pair of "Puggle" earrings (awaiting photo of puggle). No due dates.

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