Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to Fall!

Funny how it seems like time flies these days... The wedding is coming up in just a couple of months, and plans are finally falling into place. Sales are picking up a little, with the advent of the fall wedding season and of course, the approach of Halloween.

However, with fall also comes hurricane season, and the US was graced with one particularly big one so far - Ike - which left some residents of Galveston, TX homeless, and many others only now receiving power again, while the lights slowly go back on across parts of the state. As with so many others, repairs are costly, and one storm story that came to my ears came from a fellow member of the FAE team (Fantasy Artists of Etsy), Valorie, of Battlemaiden Studios. At some point during the storm, half of the roof on her family's home gave way, leaving her brother and sister's room to an open-sky ceiling. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the 4 family members are now taking shelter with her in Valorie's apartment until repairs are made.

To that end, I decided to immediately propose a small fundraiser, called Winds of Hope. Under the tag windsofhope, some of us are selling at least one item with the proceeds to go directly to Valorie and her family, for roof repairs and any other necessities as they push through this hard time together. Above is my contribution, purchased by Upfromtheashes (thank you!). Other members are setting up their items for this, too... It's great being part of a team. :)
Last of all, I am happy to say that in addition to both of my current teams being very active these days (I wish I could go to the Shake and Bake show my friends in the CT Etsy team are having on October 4th!), I am also happy to announce the gradual formation of the SCAEtsy team. Interested? Curious? The thread is here:

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