Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's new?

Bunches of stuff. While still plugging away at my wedding reception's fine details, in the final stages, I am just barely holding off the panic as the big day nears.

Meanwhile, I have been poring over the possible places I can and/or will set up shop in-person at in the coming months.

If you want to find my shop's full stock, you will find it at Etsy, at
Come on in, there's TONS of costume jewelry goodness inside, and I have plans for other mediums to play with too! Lots of stuff in the shop in the meantime for Halloween costumes, like the Grainne necklace, featured this month (top right!).

I'm also giving free shipping on eBay a shot - for limited auctions only.

Last of all, I do have one custom order in the queue. Please use Alchemy on Etsy when making requests, so you're ensured a secure purchase that nobody else will pounce on. :)

More stuff is coming. A new workstation is being set up at the apartment, so I am not taking over random bits of furniture.

And, of course, I will keep you all posted on the wedding details. (Yes I am wearing some of my own creations!).

More later... And please keep those photos coming in! I love sharing customer photos (wearing my jewelry creations) with friends here!

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