Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Holidays!

"Jessica" style choker, available at my shop. $39.00, and free shipping until 12.24.09

Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday / Christmas shopping season so far! The Free First Class shipping sale for holiday shoppers is still ongoing until 12-24-09, and new items such as scarf pins, hairsticks, and a few new chokers have been posted to the shop. My production time has been cut off for now, due to other commitments, but my Etsy shop remains well-stocked with a few favorites, like the Jessica choker above, which works well with those elegant holiday events and balls.

Since I have been meeting up with several new customers so far this shopping season, here are a few tips to help make your shopping experience at my shop go a bit smoother:

1) Make sure your PayPal address is up-to date. This is a big issue, and can easily be avoided, as can the delays involved in holding up shipment to make sure the order is going to the right place.

2) If you need expedited shipping, tell me right away - I can issue an invoice with the updated shipping fees attached so you'll get it sooner. Right now first class shipping is free, but if you ask me for Priority, I'll knock $3.00 off the price of Priority shipping, anywhere, until 12-24-09. No kidding, really!

3) Is this a gift? If yes, I will drop-ship to other locations, and not send the PayPal receipt out with the package - and I'll add a mini note-card with your name inside as the giver, so nobody's left guessing. :)

I am sure there are more ways to make your shopping experience go smoother at my shop - and don't forget, I also accept photos (PG, please!) for my blog here, to showcase customers wearing my work. It's fun, it's free, and featured customers are always welcome here. I love sharing these photos and testimonials with friends, so please feel free to send in some photos of you wearing my stuff!

(Not So) Shameless Plug for Another Etsian:
Lastly, a plug. :) Not for my shop - but certainly for another talented Etsian.
Damsel In This Dress on Etsy. - if you have a thing for corsetry, pirates, wenches, and fantasy costuming... Go. Look. Gawk. I mean it. I bought my first bodice from her on Black Friday, and will be coming back for more. I can't sing her praises enough, so I am passing word along to you guys to check her stuff out for yourselves. :)

Again, thanks for stopping by again, and I hope everyone's having a wonderful yuletide season.

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