Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Very Awesome Pirate Wedding!

Special thanks and congratulations to Mollie and Scott on their wedding adventure in Florida! Mollie is this month's featured customer, wearing the Jessica style choker from my shop, and matched earrings... Similar jewelry work can be found at Archeress Arts.

Welcome to a very special edition of my shop blog, in which we travel to the wonders of Florida, and visit the scene of Mollie's wedding, on Halloween, 2009!

Happily, no pirates were harmed during this marriage. ;)

Fun was truly had, by all descriptions provided by the bride, and I'm happy to see that my little shop was mentioned among other fellow Etsians during her treasure hunt, in this article in the December 7th edition of The Offbeat Bride. The reception, held in high seas fashion, was hosted on the 'pirate ship' Pirates Ransom, based out of Clearwater, Florida.

Mollie's order was one of many brides visiting my shop in late August, and I am just thrilled at how spectacular her set coordinated with the rest of her outfit, from boots to corset, to mini tricorn hat (made by Topsy Turvy Design). Her husband's frock coat and tricorn are no less amazing, and truly, Etsy has a trove of handmade artists with a spectacular sense of style and adventure.

Visiting the article in the Offbeat Bride mentioned above was just a glimpse into a single day that will last for a lifetime of memory, and I am honored to have been a small part of such a wonderful assemblage of the perfect piratical fashion, for a truly awesome customer.

Thank you so much, Mollie, and I hope you and Scott share many fine adventures ahead together, with fair weather, swift winds, good health, and fine friends and family. May these holidays find you both in high sprits, and may your New Year be one full of prosperity and joy. :)

P.S. I've asked my husband about us possibly taking a trip to Florida to sail on The Pirates Ransom after Christmas. ;)


Lindsey said...

I often search offbeat bride for ideas (for someday) and this one competes with some of my favs I've seen on there - so so cool!

ps have you heard of the Snow Ball Holiday Art and Music Fair in Hartford? I'm going to be selling at it this weekend.

Archeress said...

Hey Lindsey!

I had actually only vaguely heard of the Offbeat Bride until this came along. I'm really glad I was introduced to the blog by such a fabulous customer!

I haven't heard of the Snow Ball Holiday Art & Music Fair, but I did see that there were some large billboards up advertising a craft show up in Hartford around this weekend - might be the same one? Plans for the weekend may involve me camped out at the art desk, so I can meet a deadline. Plus we were planning on getting the tree and lights out (better late than never).

I hope the sales go well at the show - please let me know how it goes, I may consider it for next year if foot traffic proves well for you. What did they charge you for booth fees?