Thursday, May 6, 2010

Upcoming Events at Archeress Arts

Jessica III choker, in warm summer topaz colors, with aurora borealis sheen.
More pieces like this one can be found at my Etsy store!

Welcome back!

We've dried out a bit here, and are now entering that part of late spring when catching a good *dry* day to go out and wrangle the lawnmower, tame the grass, and talk about all those other homeowner yardwork "wish list" projects that usually get put aside... Fortunately, the basement was not a complete loss after early April's flood, but the carpeting in the finished half was completely shot. The comic book collection, at least, survived, and everything downstairs has dried up again, thanks to some proactive round-the-clock pumping and cleaning. We'll be adding the re-sealing of the basement to our to-do list later this summer, as time becomes available again.

Many big changes have happened within the last month, including the search for, finding of, and change to, a new full-time job. Due to the busy pace at the office and corporate rules, there's just no time to login to Etsy to check on convos while I am at work, however, I'm still able to return messages once I am home each day for the evening. Plus, there is at least one post office in less than 2 miles from the office, open at 7:30am EST. Thus far, it's been a breeze to get packages out through there, so there's been no interruption of shipping anyone's orders. :)

Speaking of shipping...

As you all are aware, there's a certain volcano over in Iceland making a mess of air travel for Europe. Should you happen to be located overseas and in one of the areas affected by any ash cloud from Eyjafjallajökull please be patient with any delays in your orders arriving. My turnarounds from order placement to shipping are pretty quick, but as always, major nature events and weather interruptions are well beyond my abilities to predict or control. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.

With previous projects finally accomplished, the shop should be re-stocked again soon. While I am certainly taking custom orders at this time, I am also trying to prep the shop for a major show right here in Colchester, CT, next month. The Colchester Tag Sale on the Green is Sunday, June 13, 2010, out on the town green as you enter the heart of town. It's a pretty big event - shuttles will bring shoppers to the green to help cut down on any traffic issues, and the green gets pretty packed, just from driving by it last year. This will be my first time participating, as a new business here in town, and while I don't know exactly where my booth will be, I will do what I can to make sure the shop sign is visible.

And, in case you're planning on doing some travel to the northern reaches of the US - or are planning on taking a trip down from Canada for a brief summer break... I will also be setting up shop at an SCA event called Great Northeastern War in Hebron, Maine.

The event features plenty of good stuff, from great people dressed in great costume (anyone attending is a participant - no bystanders, show up in pre-1700s wardrobe, and if you need advice on what to wear to this, please feel free to ask me), to fencing, archery, and rattan combat, camping available on site, a pool, an arts and science display, merchants galore lining one road, and of course, a royal court at the close of the day. The campground isn't far from a local convenience store, and the scenery in the area is just breathtaking. My husband and I are both pretty excited to attend this year, as last year was but a brief visit, and we went home that night wishing we had been able to stay for the entire day.

Hope to see a bunch of you at either one of these two great events, and have a wonderful Mother's Day and Memorial Day weekend, to those celebrating either one or both!
Ciao for now!

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