Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

One of the new anklets I made just before Mudthaw, still available at my shop! I have a few others in different colors, and yes, they jingle!

To all who celebrate today, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Spring!

I have a bunch of customer appreciation photos to post, so please stay tuned. :)

In the interim, I'm happy to report that our basement, after being filled with 2"+ of water from the recent heavy rains (more kept coming in from Tuesday evening into Wednesday evening) is finally pumped out, shop vac'd out, and fanned out. The carpet in the finished portion, however, is a total loss. Yesterday we spent the afternoon ripping it up and tossing it into the backyard, as the basement was getting a particularly nasty smell, and despite using rug cleaner on it, the smell returned not 5 hours later. Rather than risk mold getting into the room, we opted to just pry up the rug and cut it out entirely. Cleanup is going to be expensive, and while we don't know how much if any that our insurance agency will cover, we still fared better than some of our other friends in the same county, and unfortunately, Rhode Island was also the hardest hit by floods this past week.

This is what our basement looked like when we discovered the mess at 7pm on Tuesday night. This whole area was dry at lunchtime that day.

As I was saying about Rhode Island, however, the Warwick shopping mall will need to be torn down; Groton, CT lost a bridge; Pawcatuck, RI and Stonington, CT had to be evacuated... We received a monumental amount of heavy rain in 2 days. About 8.25" fell on Rhode Island alone.
More on the flood coverage can be found here. In addition to my concern for neighbors in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, I'm also considering calling up my cabochon supplier in Providence, RI and another supplier out in western RI - hopefully both have fared well, but it couldn't hurt to make sure.

In the meantime, I hope you are all dry and safe.
Have a good weekend, and travel safely.

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Shamble Ramble said...

My basement also flooded earlier this year. Our home has a slope in the backyard so if it pours the water collects at the bottom just in front of our porch. We have cement stairs at ground level that go down to the basement. Several times it rained so bad we had a water fall down the back stairs and it poured into our kids playroom. 3" of water and the carpet was completely ruined, it was less than a year old too. We replaced it several months ago, but I am always on pins and needles on rainy days because we never know if it will happen again. We regularly have water seeping in, but we've been lucky catching it before it reached the new carpet. It is completely unbelievable when some thing like that happens and I feel your pain.