Monday, March 22, 2010

Mudthaw 2010 - A shop update

"Vikki" design pin, $12.00 at my Etsy shop.

Just a few more days to go! This will be the first time I've set up shop at an SCA event since Birka, in 2009, and I'm pretty excited to be out there again among the merchants, taking it easy and spending time with all of my friends, acquaintances, and newcomers. Mudthaw is typically one of the bigger events these days due to its popularity - there are some events that offer "something for everyone", and this is certainly one of those, despite the absence of archery this year due to site limitations.

The merchants are typically pretty squished in the same room as the feast (dinner - seats are available for purchase the day of the event at this point, as the cutoff for reservations was a week or two ago), and although there is no dayboard (lunch) offered, there is one very, very good cook selling cooked food among us merchants. Chef Jaji's Mongolian Wok will certainly be there, and his fare has been posted over in his LiveJournal account. Shameless plug - his food don't suck, he's a licensed and professional caterer, and his prices are very reasonable.

While I am not sure entirely of who else will be there among the group of merchants, the space is first-come, first-served. Game Gnight is usually another attendee, as a local (who has been kind enough to continue to feed our Carcassonne addiction over the years) shop owner, and I know Little1's Leather will also be present.

As for Archeress Arts, I'm still working on affixing these little price tags to everything to help me make sure I can do a proper inventory at year-end. Although unfortunately the barrettes won't be making it (I was not satisfied with this batch, sorry!), I'm still hoofing it here in hopes of getting a few other favorites put together before opening shop at O'myGodIneedmycoffee-thirty in the morning. :)

So... if you'll be in the area of Livingston, NJ this weekend, and know where the Shriner's Hall is - and feel up to the task of wearing something medieval-ish to blend in with the locals, come on over, take a look around, and enjoy the day with us. Just look in the merchant room downstairs, and find the lady with the unusual tiered jewelry tree from koolartoo, and you'll find me.

Hope to see a bunch of you there!

Oh, also... please note that the shop will be closed briefly at 10:30am; should you show up and I'm not available to speak, I would be happy to help you shortly afterward, right in time for the lunchtime crowd.

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