Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Spring is finally coming, and you know what that means!
....Besides the fact that I really need to clean out the closets, scrub things, etc. ;)

Weddings, proms, spring dances, SCA events, and soon, faire season!
There's even jewelry for Moms. Don't forget Mother's Day is coming!
And there's plenty of adornments for everyone, at prices that won't break the budget. So go, take a browse through my shops, on Etsy and Artfire, and "heart" your favorites.

I still have my HELP ME MOVE sale going on strong on Etsy, with FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING to anywhere I sell to.

There'll even be promos here and there on Artfire and eBay, for anyone looking to keep their shipping costs down.

Speaking of eBay, I am still around, and have had a wonderful 9-10 years of selling there, but business has grown, and times have changed. While I had a great start through eBay, it's just not the same there anymore. I have been very disappointed in all of the changes in eBay's policies in recent years, and still return for the occasional promotion, but have lost faith in their ability to meet both the needs of sellers and buyers alike, particularly in the handmade goods business. There is no end to the copyists there either, which is unfortunate, however, if you've been to my shop before, you know my level of customer service, and you know the quality of my work - and my work ethics.

But if you have never shopped from me before, here's what I can tell you:

I am but one person, not a factory, and you can count on me to hand-assemble and inspect each twist of wire, each link of jewelry, during and after my jewelrymaking. There's nothing factory-made about my items, except for the materials, which I select with care. If I receive defective components, I simply will *not* sell them - they hit my "circular file" and get put out to the curb. Generally I have some patterns that I reproduce on a regular basis, however, occasionally you'll run into something really one-of-a-kind, and while I have worked with large and small orders alike on a regular basis, I don't do wholesale and resale, preferring to keep my customer base close to my heart, where it should be. :)

And yes, if you've been to an SCA event on the East coast of the US, you might have even met me. I can't even begin to tell you how much it thrills me to see my customers, in person or in photos, wearing or using my jewelry and art (hopefully I can introduce a few of them to you soon!). It's fantastic to meet so many wonderful customers, knowing while each piece has it's own story, that history continues with each new owner, travelling either to a Twilight Ball, a wedding, or just pausing in historic recreation groups for a snapshot of an age gone by.... Each story is just as unique as the jewelry's owner, and I would like to thank you all for bringing a little joy into my life over the years, for purchasing the shiny things I enjoy creating on a regular basis.

I hope my creations have brought as much light (or darkness if you prefer!) and wonderment into your life, too.

Thank you all.

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