Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gearing Up for the Big Move!

We did it! We're going to closing on our first house on Friday 4-17-09.

My husband and I will be moving just up the road about 20 minutes from here, to a lovely New England town. The house is just about biking distance to the edge of the town green, a farmer's market, coffee, and of course, spitting distance to a comic book store. Must... resist... urge... to restart my collection of Shi, Kabuki, and X-Men comics.... Seriously though, we're going to be pretty tight on the budget for a while as things settle, so I won't be TOO tempted. I might walk in to take a walk around though. ;)

So as things wrap up with the Moving Sale, I can tell you it's been a hit, as has my return to eBay. I won't be posting too many items at a shot (yes I still dislike the policies there, but what can one do), however, it's great to see some old familiar faces in touch with me again, as well as make new friends there.

This weekend sees us off at the Coronation of Andreas IV and Gabriella II, an SCA event in the East Kingdom. There will be a short closing court as Their Majesties Darius IV and Alethea I end their reign, followed by a flurry of activities throughout the day before first court begins. As my husband and I will be on the entourage, our day will be equally busy, attending to Their Majesties to-be, but there will be down time in-between to schmooze with friends and relax.

Additionally, in the previous few weeks, I've been leading a new team on Etsy dedicated to the Society for Creative Anachronism, called SCAEtsy - you can find members' shops through the search term 'scaetsyteam'. Plenty of great historic and historic-inspired stuff, as well as SCA-centric medallions and other goodies. And it's not just a group for shopkeepers, either. Buyers are permitted, provided everyone follows a decent code of conduct / courtesy toward one another.

Right now, though, I am really trying hard to finish up my first jeweled belt for my gown this weekend, sewn by a wonderful friend helping me make sure I am dressed to Their Majesties' whims for First Court on Saturday. Truly, this lady is a MacGuyver with a Sewing Machine and bits of scrap fabric she had available. An Elizabethan gown in a week, an English hood overnight. The photos look amazing, and I will find out if it fits tomorrow night. *fingers crossed*

I'll be sure to post photos of the outfit here later. In the meantime, Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone celebrating this weekend, and safe journeys to all. I'll see everyone back here late Sunday night!


meashell said...

I ordered one of your chokers off ebay and I would like more if you have it. my email is:

Archeress said...

Hey there!
I would love to help you right now, but my shop won't be open again until mid-May - all of the jewelry I have in stock plus my materials are packed away!

We should be unpacked by sometime in June, but I've dropped you a note to get an idea of which choker you might be looking for, so I can pull it out when we're settled in.


Beth / Archeress