Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still Moving!

Howdy everyone!

Things are going well with the move, we're about 70-80% done. The grass is already getting taller at the new house, and we'll be in need of a good mow before we're done moving in, if the weather can just stop being wet for a weekend...

Right now, all the supplies, tools, and inventory are already packed and moved over to the new place, about 20 minutes up the road from here. While I can't make any new pieces right now, I'm willing to go open up some boxes to pull out existing stock, as long as anyone interested has an idea of which colors or styles (design names) they're looking for. A good idea of which designs I usually sell can be found in my Etsy Sold Items link - here:

First Class Shipping will be free, but again, I'm only selling what items are left in my current inventory right now.

If you are interested in a particular design in a particular color of glass and metal, just shoot me an email at archeress . arts @ gmail . com (without the spaces), how soon you need the necklace(s), the name of the necklace design, and the minimum neck length needed.

Currently, we're aiming for mid-May for finishing up our move, but we may not be fully moved into our new house until late May. All shops, Etsy and Artfire, and the occasional eBay single listings, should be back up sometime in June.

Thanks for your patience, and please keep an eye on this blog for the shop re-opening notice!

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